Getting started at GoodCrew

A nice job with good terms of employment and also working for a nice employer. At GoodCrew, we know from our years of knowledge in shipping what is important for you to function properly. This ensures a stable relationship with the home front as well as on the work floor. We therefore consider it important to have contact with you as an employee, so that we always know what your wishes are.

In addition, we also maintain good contacts with our customers so that you as an employee are aware of the latest developments at the customer.

International workers

In addition to a good salary, we also ensure that international employees can work for us with confidence. We take care of and guide you after arrival so that you have the necessary documents and / or statements and can go “complete” on board.


Standing still is deterioration. That is why it is important that you as an employee progress in your career. Together with you, we look at the wishes of training courses so that you have a future perspective. We want to establish a stable, long-term relationship with you.

Are you looking for work?

and do you want to work for a renowned company that has earned its spurs in inland shipping?

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Why do you choose GoodCrew?

  • good salary
  • Fast & timely payment
  • Insured for 12 months, also during leave
  • Paid for 12 months, also during leave
  • Career opportunities to mate
  • Guidance from GoodCrew employees who also sailed themselves.